UPDATED: 13 JUNE, 2017


PRESTO! ProPen™ 



Our pen was SOLD as SIMONIZ®'s: Fix-It Pro® pen. OVER 3 MILLION PENS WERE SOLD. Now, the company that created the Fix-it® Pro pen announces the latest technology advancement, improving on the old Fix-It Pro® pen! The old pen was an instant success, vaulting to the top as the world-wide, #1 best selling and easiest to use scratch repair product. 

Take care of scratches as fast as they happen! The  PRESTO! ProPen™ Do you have $200 to pay a body shop? For less than 20 CENTS A SCRATCH the PRESTO! ProPen™ takes care of scuffs and scratches like magic-PRESTO! Spend $200 DOLLARS or 20 CENTS a scratch with The PRESTO! ProPen™! 

Use the precision applicator pen or right out of the bottle as a wipe-on reconditioner. Customers describe it as "permanent armorall". 

*MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY. WE STAND BEHIND THIS PRODUCT FOR 5 YEARS. PRESTO! UNIVERSAL™, the fluid in the pen, once cured and dry, will perform as described as well as become part of the surface it is applied to for 5 years or more, unless physically removed or as part of normal wear of the surface. In the case of surface wear, simply spot apply the product to recover the appearance.

These are some of the properties of the PRESTO! UNIVERSAL™ fluid (once cured and dry). Some of the performance properties below are imparted in part to the surfaces PRESTO! UNIVERSAL™ is applied to:

  • Will last 5 years* or more on the surface it is applied to;
  • Resistant to 10% Hydrochloric Acid (tested as resistant to full strength hydrochloric acid);
  • Resistant to 10% Sulfuric Acid (tested as resistant to full strength sulfuric acid);
  • Resistant to 10% Nitric Acid (tested as resistant to full strength nitric acid);
  • Scratch / abrasion Resistant (tested to be 3 times more resistant than current OEM automotive clear coat)
  • Alkali Resistant (surpassed 5 weeks in 50% NaOH in water);
  • NON-Yellowing (tested to be non-yellowing beyond 10 years);
  • Chip Resistant;
  • Contains NO Solvents - NON polluting;
  • Contains NO alcohol;
  • Contains NO water;
  • Contains NO Volatile Organic Components ("V.O.C.'s");
  • NON-Cancer Causing;
  • No Significant Health Issues;
  • NON-Flammable;
  • Safe on All Automotive Paints;
  • Safe on All Outdoor Plastics;
  • Safe on All Outdoor, Weathered Surfaces;
  • And there's more...