PRESTO!™ History
The PRESTO!™ Story...

The founder of ProTech Polymer Products, Ltd. learns how much income his work has made for his employer. It turned out that he made MILLIONS for someone else. His reaction to this was simple: he quit! Rather than make millions for others, he decided to make millions for himself.

As a formally trained and degreed as a chemist, with a winning track record spanning decades of product development, all he needed was seed funding to start his own company. He approached friends with several hundred products at all stages of development from concepts to fully developed and ready for marketing. ProTech Polymer Products, Ltd. was launched on January 1, 2004.

ProTech Polymer Products, Ltd. is the first company to develop, manufacture and sell UV (sunlight) cured products worldwide on the retail level. Oversimplified, PRESTO!™ products use the same chemistry that dentists use for filling cavities.

The name "PRESTO!™" came from how fast ProTech Polymer Products harden or cure on exposure to UV light.

The PRESTO! ProPen™ story
The PRESTO! ProPen™ story begins in 2004, in a basement on the westside of Cleveland, Ohio.

The car maker, Ford, issued a "vendor challenge" to its paint suppliers. Challenges are used as tools to solve particularly high priority problems. All of the U.S. car makers had heard about ProTech Polymer Products and for the first time in history, it was decided to include a non-vendor in this challenge.

The challenge was to produce an automotive grade, clear paint that SURPASSED the following performance properties:

  1. Resistant to 10% Hydrochloric Acid (tested as resistant to full strength hydrochloric acid);
  2. Resistant to 10% Sulfuric Acid (tested as resistant to full strength sulfuric acid);
  3. Resistant to 10% Nitric Acid (tested as resistant to full strength nitric acid);
  4. Scratch / abrasion Resistant (tested to be 3 times more resistant than current clear coat)
  5. Alkali Resistant (surpassed 5 weeks in 50% NaOH in water);
  6. NON-Yellowing (tested to be non-yellowing beyond 10 years);
  7. Chip Resistant;
  8. Contains NO Solvents;
  9. Contains NO alcohol;
  10. Contains NO water;
  11. Contains NO Volatile Organic Components ("V.O.C.'s");
  12. NON-Cancer Causing;
  13. No Significant Health Issues;
  14. NON-Flammable;
  15. Compatible As A Coating Over All Other Automotive Paints
ProTech Polymer Products submitted a clear coat sample that SURPASSED every performance requirement set forth by the challenge. ProTech Polymer, working in a basement lab was THE ONLY company that submitted a viable sample. A lone chemist, working in his basement lab, accomplished something that NONE of the multi-billion dollar paint companies could.

This formula was named PRESTO! PRO™, and was specifically engineered to work on automotive paints ONLY.

In developing the PRESTO! PRO™ formula, special test panels, painted to automotive specifications, were used for testing. It was found that test panels wiped down with
PRESTO! PRO™ did some interesting things, Not only did it make clear coat scratches seem to vanish, it enhanced the color of the panel. Even extremely faded car paint was rejuvenated.

A precise application tool in the form of a pen was developed. The result was the PRESTO! ProPen™.